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Management Consulting Services

Bandera Resources, LLC. (Bandera) provides experienced and diverse management consulting services for a variety of clients throughout the US. Bandera has undertaken many challenging projects ranging from providing design considerations for addressing environmental concerns to assisting our clients with proposal development and approach for securing multi-year response and remediation contracts in virtually all environmental segments. Some of the proposal development consulting work the company has performed over the years includes successfully assisting our clients in securing various public and private contracts from state and federal regulatory agencies to remediation contracts with commercial transportation and manufacturing corporations.

Bandera’s approach involves determining the appropriate tactics to utilize to improve the competitive position of our client to ensure success. This approach involves a thorough review of each client’s strengths to enhance their ability to successfully design an approach appropriate to the opportunity. Many times, this involves Bandera preparing recommendations to our client’s development efforts to assist in subsequent proposal development efforts. Bandera’s overriding goal is to provide additional value for our clients at every opportunity.

Other management consulting services that Bandera provides includes assisting generators and end users on scope design and bid and proposal evaluation. These services generally involve assisting with evaluating the scope of work desired, regulatory compliance and waste management issues. Additionally, Bandera conducts specific evaluations of prospective contractors and identifies any potential issues that may impact their ability to perform the work for our client.