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Incident Management Services

Bandera Resources, LLC. (Bandera) provides experienced and diverse project management services in this market, involving responses to minor spills and incidents, and to Spills of National Significance (SONS) in virtually all areas of the United States. Bandera project personnel have worked in a variety of Incident Management System (ICS) positions, for both public and private clients. Examples include assisting with the collection, bulking and disposal of environmental wastes at the World Trade Center in 2001 and 2002 and our current assignment in response to the spill from the Deepwater Horizon well blowout.

Bandera personnel are thoroughly versed in all aspects of ICS and have successfully worked as Incident Commanders and virtually all general and command staff positions on a variety of nationally significant and important response efforts. All Bandera personnel are also Qualified Individuals (QI) under the Oil Pollution Act (OPA) and have successfully managed a variety of large and small marine oil spills and responses for our clients anywhere from Midway Island to Maryland.

In addition to emergency response management support for a variety of spill management teams worldwide, Bandera provides practical hands-on training in response plan design and submittal, table top and deployment drills and conducts audits of Oil Spill Response Organizations (OSRO) to ensure the listed contractors are appropriate for our client’s needs and response objectives.

Bandera has managed many challenging and time-sensitive projects in this market, from managing the recovery of fuel from a damaged research vessel beached in the Pearl and Hermes Atoll in Midway Island to the recovery of a damaged bulk carrier in Chicago that had sunk after an explosion and loss of life. These responses have required the management of multi-disciplinary resources to efficiently and safely accomplish the response objectives. Our experience working in unified command and assisting in design, implementation and response execution has resulted in successful outcomes in logistically challenging locales and environments.

Bandera principals have in excessive of 50 years of collective experience successfully managing responses involving marine spills from product barges, crew boats and tankers in locations all over the United States. In addition to spill response management and oversight, Bandera personnel have assisted in vessel salvage operations, vessel decontamination and disposition, in compliance with applicable United States Coast Guard (USCG), USEPA and the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) requirements. These responses generally required coordination with multiple stakeholders and regulatory agencies to successfully achieve the objectives of the response safely and efficiently.

Bandera principals have extensive prior experience managing Basic Ordering Agreement (BOA) response efforts under previous USCG contracts and use this experience to professionally manage responses efficiently and economically to minimize cost and liability for our clients. The key, in our opinion, to successfully achieving our client’s environmental goals and objectives involves creating open and honest communication with all parties involved, both state and federal, to build trust and overall organizational effectiveness.